Imbiza Journal 2 Now Available

Nourishing the Mind

Imbiza Journal for African Writing is an inclusive publishing platform for creative writing, criticism, academic writing and intellectual engagement for African thinkers, cultural workers and activists. It is a unique platform that combines imaginative and scholarly writing to cater for diverse audiences.

The journal is based in South Africa, but intends to extend its reach across the African continent and the diaspora both in its content and distribution. Imbiza will be published biannually in both the print and electronic formats.

The Meaning of Imbiza

The word imbiza has multiple meanings in the various Nguni languages of southern Africa. In isiXhosa, imbiza means a pot which is used for cooking food. Imbiza symbolises nourishment. In naming this journal Imbiza, we model it on the food that feeds individuals, families and communities. When we think of Imbiza Journal for African Writing, we imagine a three legged pot that has been part of the lives of generations of Africans. The three legged pot is also a symbol of strength and endurance, withstanding fires on which it stands in order to provide food to generations. In traditional societies, some of the most profound stories are told while families and communities are gathered around the fire waiting for the food to be ready for consumption.

In isiZulu, imbiza refers to natural herbs or any mixture of roots, bulbs and leaves used for medicinal purposes. In this sense, imbiza represents healing. The medicinal imbiza is used in a variety of ways but the purpose remains to heal individuals, families and communities. The sense of communal servitude that is associated with imbiza defines the objectives of the journal. Imbiza will be the melting pot for intellectual feast, including creative outputs, criticism and academic writing. It will provide food for the souls of critical thinkers. Imbiza journal for African Writing nourishes the mind.